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Design can be a pretty great field to go into. All areas of design are interesting -- graphic design, fashion design and interior design. Each of them can lead to a pretty fun and great career.

While most of the great design schools are in the big cities, medium-sized cities usually have a good school as well see example . But if you don't have the right school in your town, you can either temporarily move to the closest school or take some classes through an online college. Online courses and even complete degree programs are offered by some schools in some fields. You can see which types of courses are offered online.

All areas of design are using technology to help develop and create ideas and plans. This is especially true in graphic arts. Students who have a strong interest in the graphic design area and also have an interest in the software that runs design programs may want to look into a degree or a minor in information technology or software development. Read more about software and IT

If you are committed to staying in the city where you are, your education may be somewhat limited. While big city residents may have broad options, residents of average-sized states will have a moderate amount of choices. See example.

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Class recommendations to look at to investigate degrees in areas which include computer technology, health sciences, interior design, and marketing.
Online university programs to find out really good undergraduate degree suggestions.
Flooring is one of the big options designers have on most projects. They can choose between hardwood, tile, carpeting and more. has some interesting details.

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