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If you're thinking about having your own interior design firm one day, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some formal education in the "business" side of the business. Learning some marketing, advertising, basic accounting and management never hurt any small business owner.

And you don't have to enroll in a big business program if you don't want to. You can just take some separate classes in the area that you are concerned about. You can even take most courses online if you want.

Basic bookkeeping and accounting is good to know so that you don't have to keep calling your business or tax accountant every time you have a question. Plus, knowing how to do your bookkeeping and taxes allows you to do them yourself until your business grows to the point where you need (and can afford) a professional.

And if you already have an undergraduate design degree, you may enroll in a graduate business degree program. While you'll have to take quite a few basic undergrad courses to meet the prerequisites, working towards an MBA can really sharpen your marketing skills. Graduate school info

You can even learn more about managing a resort or hotel. Sometimes going to college changes your decision on what kind of career you really want. Hospitality management is an area that attracts lots of creative individuals. You may end up managing a day spa, resort, hotel, resort or other business. Read more

Pretty good schools to get information on schools in majors that include history, chemistry, art history, or business administration.
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When interior designers graduate, they often do a variety of different jobs. Some work on big design projects, while others aren't so big. Home theater building projects are an example of a rather small job. has some info about these types of rooms.

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