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So lets take a look at some other career options. Let's be honest. Not everyone who starts out wanting to become an interior designer ends up as one. That's okay. Here are some other ideas.

You could become a professional chef and work in a great restaurant. If you have always enjoyed baking or cooking or putting together meals or get-together's, working somewhere in the food service industry might be right for you. Culinary arts schools only take a short time to work through before you start interning at a local restaurant. Most good-sized cities have at least one culinary school.

Engineering is a career field that has a lot of options. Take a look at all of the different engineering fields before you write it off. Engineer graduates usually have good employment options and they typically aren't stuck in an office all day.

If you want to stay in your own town or state, you will still have some options for school choices. Some websites are dedicated to helping you find a school or career training program in your state, such as

You can also defy tradition and enroll in an online college. Most online schools don't care where you live. There are so many different online options, you just have to look. Go look now. Not every field works well with online learning, but many do.

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